We help companies in ICT and Construction

leveraging their expertise

Work inside out

Most companies do not know what they are good at and for whom they should best work. We help them to identify their expertise, building a strong proposition.

Know what clients want

Generic propositions are hardly convincing to clients. We have helped over 40 companies to turn propositions into winning proposals. And to deliver them.

Performance measurement

We help organisations to implement performance measurement and risk management. So they become a vendor of choice and contracts are profitable.

For those who want an answer to their question

or those who simply want their problem solved

Get in touch with Anneke van Abeelen. Best Value Trainer & Expert, A+ certified for 8+ years.

One of the first Best Value experts in Europe

Co-founder Best Value Experts Academy, officially licensed for ‘Best Value’

Best Value Expert (A+ certified 8+ years)

Anneke van Abeelen


Anneke helps organisations identifying and utilising expertise in order to reduce waste and increase performance.

Some examples of her practice:

  • companies are winning more contracts with less effort when using a strong proposition that shows the value they bring to clients
  • discussions and disagreements in contracts have been minimised through a transparent plan where expertise of all parties involved is utilised
  • organisations get better value for lower cost when using a different way of selecting, contracting and ‘managing’ vendors

Hands-on approach

Anneke has helped organisations world wide in applying Best Value

>18 years experience in (strategic) Procurement, Sales and Project Management in public organisations, corporate companies, small businesses and non-profit organisations


Best Value projects run

In all kinds of industries, mainly IT and Construction. Clarification phase 100% successful.


Years of Experience in Best Value

Experience on client side as well as vendor side. A+ certified (highest possible level) since 2012. One of first 8 board members in Europe.


Individuals trained in Best Value

Management teams, project teams, tender teams, technical expert teams, account managers, procurement managers

Training & Certification

Here is a selection of Best Value training and certification programs:

B certification

Learn all about the basic principles of Best Value in this digital course in approx. 2,5 hours. Certificate passing rate: 100%

B+ certification

Learn to put Best Value into practice in this interactive 2-day classroom training. Certificate passing rate: >95%

B+ certification [short track]

Learn to put Best Value into practice in this blended learning course. Get certified within 2 weeks after enrollment. Certificate passing rate: >100%

A certification

Learn to lead and professionalize Best Value projects in your organization. This 6-months mentoring program takes you through all phases of an actual Best Value program that you are currently working on.

Feel free to contact me on Best Value-related topics at +31645792692